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Two-Phase Treatment

Two-phase orthodontic therapy is a unique procedure that involves both teeth straightening and aesthetic modifications to the face. The goal of two-phase intervention is to increase your child’s chances of achieving the optimal healthy, practical, and beautiful outcome that will last throughout his or her life.

Phase One

A foundation for a lifetime of beautiful smiles

The first phase of the two-phase orthodontic treatment aims to assist the jaw to grow in such a manner that it can accept all of the permanent teeth while also improving the fit between the upper and lower jaws. Children often show early indicators of jaw difficulties, and early treatment may avoid the need for permanent tooth extraction or surgical operations to straighten the jaws.

Orthodontic records are taken to decide the kind of appliances to be used, the length of treatment, and the number of visits. During the resting period, the remaining permanent teeth are left alone to emerge, and recall visits for observation are required regularly, generally every six months.

Phase Two

Stay healthy and look attractive

The purpose of the second phase is to achieve perfect alignment between each tooth and the lips, cheeks, tongue, and other teeth in the mouth. This phase often involves the use of full upper and lower braces. Orthodontic records and a treatment plan are created during the first phase, and braces are typically worn for about 24 months on all teeth.

After completing the treatment, your child will need to wear retainers to maintain their beautiful smile. In essence, the two-phase treatment ensures that your child’s teeth are aligned properly and provides long-lasting results.

Advantages of Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment:

  • Two-phase orthodontic treatment increases your child’s chances of achieving the optimal healthy, practical, and beautiful outcome that will last throughout his or her life.
  • Early treatment may help to avoid the need for permanent tooth removal later in life, as well as surgical operations to straighten the jaws.
  • A successful initial phase will have cleared the way for permanent teeth to emerge, preventing them from being damaged or relocated badly.
  • Regular recall visits for observation during the resting period ensure that the teeth are progressing as expected.
  • The purpose of the second phase is to ensure that each tooth is in perfect alignment, allowing them to work together correctly.

Two-phase orthodontic treatment is a valuable procedure that can help children achieve a healthy, practical, and beautiful smile that lasts throughout their lives. By addressing jaw problems and misaligned teeth early, two-phase treatment can help avoid the need for more intrusive treatments later in life.